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Create an integrated optimized maintenance plan called the Maintenance Plan Schedule 

Long Range Planner

Use maintenance program data along with facility and fleet information to create and maintain your maintenance schedule plan


Facilitate visibility & management of aircraft availability based on the maintenance plan


Assign a dollar value to the plan and allows high level cost comparisons between multiple scenarios

Engine & Component Planning 

Schedule the maintenance and overhaul of engines and other various time controlled aircraft components by calculating turn times, spare levels, lease agreements and other factors, then integrates the component schedule with the plan


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Transform the Maintenance Production Schedule from a general plan to a multi-faceted, detailed tool for execution by the Production Organization


Permits discrete changes to the Production Schedule as maintenance events near their induction dates (typically up to ninety days), matching the plan to production realities

Event Scheduler

Maintain the mid-range production schedule (typically three to eighteen months)

Package Writer

Attach open work items to scheduled events, building packages based on budgetary or labor constraints

MRO Management

Provide detailed maintenance facility and labor capacity planning functions

Line/RON Scheduling

Create & schedule line maintenance and RON events, sending the work packages to appropriate maintenance facilities over established networks


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Keep AMES current with critical data, ensuring maintaining schedule accuracy and identifying opportunities for improved efficiency

Ops Feed

Sync corporate operations data with the Ames Production Schedule

Status Update

Feed aircraft requirement sign-offs and current time/cycle data into Ames


Archive actual production data (sign-offs, aircraft times, event exit dates) for future analysis

Post Event Audit 

Compare History to the Corporate Maintenance Production Plan for performance evaluations



Generates volumes of detailed, useful information – Data Access modules facilitate timely access and distribution of that information to appropriate corporate departments.


Display read-only view of the Production Schedule, controlled and filtered by defined users


Create custom reports generated from Ames data

Data Exchange

Ease the exchange of data (import and export) to and from Ames


Allow access through web browsers to Ames information such as schedule data and reports