The Ames Suite creates a significant amount of valuable information and all of the modules work together to exploit this information to the advantage of the maintenance organization. Each step in the cycle requires modules specifically designed to make the most of the information available.

With increasing competition, changing business models and cost pressures on airlines, tools and techniques that increase profit potential, increase the utilization of costly resources and minimize support cost are needed. AMES is such a tool.

AMES is a different approach to decision making and management. Ames is a tool which enables a maintenance organization to be more responsive to the needs of the Airline and better in tune with the new market realities. Ames seeks benefits by better planning instead of better execution. Ames’ output supports better execution.

Ames is a tool for managing aircraft. It provides the required information for commitment of aircraft by maintenance to marketing/flight operations. The Ames Suite enables you to plan your entire aircraft fleet’s maintenance schedule, plus determine the estimated budget for the schedule as well as the personnel needed to perform the maintenance. Many software tools can be used to make a schedule, only Ames gives immediate feedback on the impact of changes on current and future scheduled events. The information provided lets you quickly see the health of your maintenance schedule, any potential bottlenecks or shortfalls are immediate visible, enabling you to find solutions before the situation becomes critical. With Ames you will have information and reporting capabilities that most major airlines don’t have.

With Ames, you are never stuck with one schedule. Within the time it takes to create one schedule using ordinary means, Ames enables you to make multiple schedules and select the one that best fits your needs. The built in flexibility of Ames means you are never tied down to any schedule. In the future, if you decided to change your maintenance plan, extend your checks, add or remove aircraft, Ames makes it easy to work these changes in with your existing plans.

Ames Long Range Planner (LRP) is the heart of the Ames suite. LRP produces the maintenance schedule which all of the other modules work from. The LRP uses a proven scheduling engine to create an optimized, verifiably-complete schedule. It is a true planning and decision support tool.