OMEGA Advanced Planning & Scheduling is the industry leader with 25+ years of experience in advanced aircraft information. Introducing AMES, an online suite of specialized smart tools that guides decision-making for multiple levels in an organization.

  • Manage check & task schedules

  • Maximize resource utilization

  • Minimize response time delay

  • Minimize costly risks

  • Resolve production & marketing objectives

  • Connect maintenance with marketing & flight operations

  • Visualize complex visit schedules

  • Share information with various management levels

AMES is a focused online plug-in for seamless integration with leading compliant systems, and generates unique insights found nowhere else.

By creating an optimized future through intuitive scenarios with AMES, you can optimize your aircraft maintenance allocations & increase your aircraft availability. Furthermore, you can decrease the aircraft ground time lost for any maintenance event.

Our Valued Customers

Airlines are in the business of flying people, not maintaining aircraft.
AMES allows you to efficiently plan maintenance & reduce the number of aircraft required out of the schedule, especially during predefined peak schedules.
By doing so, maintenance increases the number of aircraft available to the operation to schedule.
Less aircraft in maintenance means more flying without purchasing & maintaining additional aircrafts.
— Bronya McAdams, Senior Planner (United Airlines)

AMES can produce immediate benefits for any aircraft maintenance organization.

To prove this, we offer trial programs guided by our subject matter experts step-by-step. These programs range from a simple demo over the web, to a complete AMES system loaded with your data.

Therefore, we can work together to tailor AMES to fit your specific needs.

Let us show you what AMES can do for your organization.

Join us at our 25th ANNIVERSARY omega conference!

August 15th - 17th, 2016 at Magnolia Hotel in Downtown Dallas, TX


At the beautiful Magnolia Hotel under the iconic Red Pegasus, we will present firsthand look into our new components designed to enhance your planning & scheduling results. Furthermore, we will provide one-on-one training to resolve your specific needs.

  • Voice your ideas to improve your AMES experience 
  • Share industry insights & tricks of the trade from fellow AMES users

  • Interact with OMEGA team to learn & explore new functionalities

For more information and registration for this special anniversary conference, contact Tammy Reno at or 972-775-3693.